Who we are


All sectors, public, private and social have a duty to promote equality, access and dignity for humankind through innovative solutions to our scarcity challenges.

World Impact Foundation aims to be a driving force for innovation and change in basic service provisions for populations living in poverty. Our approach is one grant making and one part capital with full investment into changemakers working to provide access to education, energy, food solutions, healthcare, housing and water. World Impact Foundation supports both NGOs and for-profit social enterprises. Our cross-sector approach aims to address the needs of communities by building local infrastructure to meet the necessities of human life.

Our Revolution 

  • To increase access, reach and affordability for basic services necessary for the achievement of equality, safety, health and human potential.
  • To change the face of basic service provisions.
  • Improve access to the most basic resources for life for the world’s poor.
  • Promote sustainable models for development based on sound financial, environmental and ethical operations.
  • Enable holistic community development through grassroots organizations, which utilize people centered approaches, backed by evidence, to create systemic change in basic service solutions.
  • Cultivate collaboration across social, public and private sectors
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