Our Evolution

World Impact Foundation was founded on the principle of assisting women and children in maintaining healthy, educated and prosperous lives

We believe in order for a lasting impact to be created for generations we must improve the resources and lives of the world’s children and women. With more opportunity for women and children we can create a brighter future for humanity.

Through addressing the needs of often the most marginalized members of communities we create an intergenerational approach to poverty eradication by addressing the needs of whole families and communities.

While our work began with grants, our insights have evolved our practice in holistic development of community well-being. All sectors, public, private and social have a duty to promote equality, access and dignity for humankind through innovative solutions to our scarcity challenges.

People at the Heart of What We Do

It is people we support. People promote new models of resource efficiency and access. By supporting solutions made by individuals across all industries, we can create a brighter, more equitable global community.

Our holistic approach to community development continues to support grassroots solutions to meet basic needs regardless of organization type. Both NGO and private sector solutions have the ability to create change.

Addressing the most basic needs to live a prosperous, healthy life has been our emphasis throughout the evolution of our activities. Today, we’ve realized the ability of both non profit and private sector solutions to address community needs on a systemic level. By assisting the scale of grassroots organizations providing solutions to local access issues we are changing the infrastructure of communities through increasing access to resources and the ability to thrive for whole communities.

With more collaboration across sectors, we hold every human being accountable to promote social equality.  All of our institutions- government, NGO, private companies have a responsibility to people. We are a global community. Working together for the common good of humanity is our responsibility.

Through the promotion of cross-sector development we enable more collaboration to take place across actors, allowing for more holistic and effective development for communities.