World Impact Foundation

Equality ~ Potential ~ Hope ~ Love ~ Understanding


World Impact Foundation aims to support organizations, which assist women and children in maintaining healthy, educated and prosperous lives. We believe in order for a lasting impact to be created we must improve the resources and lives of the world’s children and women. With more opportunity for women and children we can create a brighter future for humanity.


A good home and quality education are not privileges, but necessities for a successful life. We intend to improve communities through creating an avenue of support to build better lives. A self-sufficient woman, or an educated child has no limit to their future potential.

Who we serve

Our intention is to positively impact the lives of underserved women and children across the world regardless of ethnicity, religion or location. Currently, we support programs in communities in the United States, Guatemala, and Iraq.

How we serve

As a foundation we financially support non-profit organizations with programs and projects focused on basic needs, health, education, and microfinance. By providing a sense of hope through opportunity and support we intend to motivate individuals to reach their potential. Our aim is to create a lasting impact on the community through support of programs that provide women and children with opportunities to improve not only their current lives and situations, but generations to come.