What We Do 

All sectors, public, private and social have a duty to promote equality, and access for humankind through innovative solutions to our scarcity challenges. Our investments seek to increase access and affordability of basic services necessary for the achievement of equality, safety, health and human potential.

We support social enterprises which have the potential to serve as solutions to systemic challenges of infrastructure and access to basic services for low income populations.

We invest in companies in the US and Latin America working in basic service sectors. The Missing Middle is our space, we provide 50-500K USD debt investments with short time horizons to offer flexible financing for growing companies. We also provide impact measurement and evaluation support for our portfolio companies.


Investment Sectors

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Agriculture & Food Solutions
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Water & Sanitation

Investment Criteria 

  • Geography: US or Latin America
  • Impact: product or service increases access and affordability of basic services for low income population or company integrates underserved population within value chain in a meaningful capacity including technical assistance, market access and employment
  • Demonstrated and measured social impact
  • Evidence the impact on target population will not be sacrificed with scale of operations 
  • Business Performance: minimum 3 years of operations
  • Minimum revenue of $250,000 and profitable or approaching profitability within 6 months
  • Foreseeable ability to service debt through cash flow
  • An experienced, and impact-aligned management team, with a solid governance structure 
  • Demonstrated growth strategy to scale the business and impact as a result of the proposed Investment 
  • Clear and justifiable need for a debt investment ranging from 50K USD to 500K USD 
  • Availability of assets to provide security for the debt as needed