How We Serve

Building the Capacity to Thrive

Our approach is not simply philanthropy but venture capitalism to scale those innovations creating change

We support both non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises working to promote access to resources for communities across the sectors of education, energy, food, healthcare, housing and water. Our cross-sector approach aims to address the needs of communities by building the capacity of local infrastructure to meet the most basic necessities of human life.

Building Partnerships Through Grants & Investments 


Our partnerships with NGOs allow us to work together to achieve efficient and long term impact for women, children and whole communities. We enable NGOs to grow in their efficiency and service offerings to fully meet the needs of their target population, promoting a holistic approach to family and community well being. World Impact grows with our partners to ensure meaningful social impact has been created within communities through the pursuit of increasing access and quality of basic services for life.


We invest in social enterprise organizations already promoting groundbreaking solutions to access basic services. These partners face the challenge of scaling their tested models of social impact without necessary working capital available to them. Often due to a lack of track record, assets or small capital needs. By offering support to entrepreneurs at this challenging point of expansion in scale, we aim to increase the reach of products and services for the world’s poor. Through access to affordable basic services we promote the dignity of the individual and economic growth for the community.

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